The last greeting to I4XCC

Hi, I am Andrea, the youngest son of I4XCC.
I'm sad to announce that on the 25th of november, Claudio died after an heart attack, around the 10 PM.
He was suffering from a cardiac amyloidosis caused by a multiple myeloma, a disease discovered in the beginning of august.
Although he was weary because of the cardiac fatigue, he carried on his electronic/informatic projects and his passion for the VHF and SHF untill the few days before his passing. Here you can see his last complete project, a mod for a line follower car that transform it in an rc car controlled by an androiod program via bluethoot.
This site will remain online, although i don't know if somebody is consulting it or will consult it anymore, but i don't have reasons to put it down, so here it will stay.
Claudio taught me a lot of things about information tecnology and electronics, and i know i had many other things to learn from him. But time choose, and we have to accept it.
So 73 Claudio, and good luck for your new travel.

I4XCC Claudio - JN63gv QRV on 2m and 3cm bands

I'm a radioamateur since 1974.

In the past I was very active on 144 MHz band (only dx: CW and SSB) via tropo, meteor scatter, EME, etc.

Still interested to square hunting (look here) on 2m, from 2003 I'm very active on 10 GHz (tropo and rain scatter).

Anyway in the past a lot of work also on 50 MHz...

Microwave contest 4-5 June 2011....what a contest!

When summer is coming the hope to make an exploit in the 3cm band returns but it is rare that all the conditions (wx - participation, etc..) occur simultaneously but, this year, things just go that way!

Android ww locator program by GPS

I made a little tool that show the WW locator from the GPS on an Android smartphone. It can show also the distance between your locator and another one and the azimut related. You can download from here...or use your barcode scanner with this image.

T70A - 10 GHz activity

On July/August 2010 T70A (the San Marino republic radioclub) with the help of T77C - Tony - will be QRV on 10 GHz band with my old system composed by:

7 W solid state PA
HEMT preamplifier
85 cm offset dish

Location (Google maps)

Some picture of the location/setup


DB0ANU beacon 16/07/2009

German beacon:
1) located here
2) info
3) hrd it on 16/07/2009 : audio file

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